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If you read our blogpost you’ll know that Marlene and Fiona enjoyed an afternoon out at the cinema to see Christopher Nolan’s “epic biographical thriller” Oppenheimer. The film tells the story of the physicist appointed to lead the work on the Top Secret Manhattan Project – creating the atomic bomb, used to such devastating effect against the people of Japan in 1945. Our Oppenheimer podcast is this week’s Friday podcast.

Oppenheimer -A Campaigner Perspective Podcast

Bill Ramsay, a lifelong anti-nuclear campaigner with Scottish CND asked if we would like to join him and fellow campaigner Isobel Lindsay to have a discussion about the film, the complex moral issues raised at the time and the impacts still felt today as the nuclear arms war continues to escalate. The result was an interesting discussion with Bill and Isobel who brought so much knowledge and insight to the subject.

You can also watch the Youtube video of our chat

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