The Freeport debate carries on in Scotland. David Powell has some strong views on the subject.

David Powell appeared on John Drummond’s TNT show recently with a worrying take on the proliferation of Freeports and Special Economic Zones across the UK and the sinister forces which may lie behind them. 

He is a senior lecturer in Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, and describes himself as a “reluctant” political activist.  And he is a prolific commentator on twitter where he is better known as @EuropeanPowell

All this is in marked contrast to the reassuring statements being made by the Scottish Government in relation to Green Freeports which is their preferred working out of the UKGov freeport policy for Scotland.

Freeports. Six Requirements for Scottish Freeports.

Are Freeports a dangerous development in Scotland?

The two Freeports assigned to Scotland are a UKGov policy, being introduced by UKGov. ScotGov can’t stop that. But they have had some power to shape how the Scottish freeports will work. In 2021 Freeports were discussed by SNP and they agreed on six requirements for their introduction.

Freeports - Who Benefits . With Scottish Independence Podcast guest Peter Henderson

Those requirements were proposed by Peter Henderson, a retired Customs inspector. Last year we asked him about why he proposed that list of six issues and who he thinks will benefit from these freeports. The audio podcast is here “Freeports : Who Benefits?” or watch the video on our Youtube channel

Freeports. With Prof Alf Baird.

We also featured the Freeport debate with Prof Alf Baird, a marine trade expert, along with two independence activists from Orkney. Orkney was one of the sites considered for UK Freeport status. You can listen to the podcast “Freeports : A Good Thing or a Pirate’s Dream Come True?” Or watch the interview on our YouTube channel

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